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Ashes to Ashes - Series One Revisited - To Everything That Might Have Been, To Everything That Was [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]

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Ashes to Ashes - Series One Revisited [May. 12th, 2009|10:28 pm]
Rewatching S1 on DVD before moving on to the current S2, I actually enjoyed it more second time around when expectations were lower, although I note with interest the lukewarm write ups S2 is receiving in the papers and even the likes of Philip Glenister himself now admitting the first series of Ashes had "verged on parody at times" (which is what I was saying all along!).

Not to say Ashes isn't a good series (and well worth a  tenner for the DVD set from Amazon!) but, although I know they've GOT to do this, it still bugs me that the DVD documentary has Keeley Hawes saying,  "I wondered, can it be as good as Life on Mars?  Then I read the scripts and oh my God it's even better!" (get real - who are you kidding?).  Then the creators raving about Hawes as pretty much the only choice for Alex Drake when she was so slated in the press (with even Glenister feeling he had to speak out in her defence) that I had actually wondered if she might be replaced for Series Two!  Personally, I didn't think she was anything like as awful as some people said, although clearly she wasn't anywhere near being in the same class as John Simm's Sam Tyler.

In contrast to LoM, some of the dialogue was clunky (i.e.  many of the Alex Drake-Caroline Price scenes were cringeworthy in their awfulness) and a shame to see Ray and Chris reduced to comic relief, while Gene - although always great value - wasn't quite as effective or realistic this time around. 

Someone said they couldn't understand when I wrote on Amazon a year ago that maybe Ashes would have been better not being made as if what I was saying didn't make sense - so in that respect it was gratifying to see the director of most of the Ashes S1 eps recognise this very aspect as he said, "We questioned whether it was a good idea to do a sequel/spin off?  We didn't want to tarnish the memory (of Life on Mars)".  I enjoyed Ashes but still feel deep down they should have left it with just the two utterly brilliant Life on Mars series as, by being inferior, Ashes does (for me anyway) detract from the original series.