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US Open tennis [Sep. 9th, 2008|05:46 pm]
To my enormous relief Roger Federer pulled out one of his masterclass performances (for the first time in quite a while, actually) and took Andy Murray to school in the US Open tennis final!

The media hype is insufferable and the soaring support for complete tosser Murray (because he's a Scot or a Brit: take your pick, depending on where you come from yourself) continues to defy logic. For example, there's a guy in my office who always wants to see Murray win, yet admits he's a miserable git who's totally unlikeable.... Tennis isn't a team sport and Murray is playing for himself not a national team, so I'll never understand why so many will want to see their fellow countrymen win purely because of that fact (snooker's Stephen Hendry was another case in point). Roger Federer, by contrast, seems a genuinely nice guy (albeit some find him rather smug at times) and he had lots to prove, having been written off after what has been a poor year by his standards. The great champion showed his class and was really a case of a man against a boy.

Murray need not be too downcast though as his time will surely come and a first win over Nadal remains a huge feather in his cap.

[User Picture]From: airiddh1
2008-09-09 11:05 pm (UTC)
I don't think AM is anymore bigheadedthan any of the rest of them - he is just lacking in the personailty department! SH IS a complete tosser - at least AM is proud to be Scottish!!

and like you said yourself, he is on the way up so his time WILL come!
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