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Ashes to Ashes - Glenister unhappy? [May. 10th, 2008|11:57 am]
There was an interview with Philip Glenister on the BBC website where he defended the much-criticised Keeley Hawes and some of his statements were a bit ambiguous:

"You can't get it all right and try to follow up something like Life On Mars and expect it to be an amazing thing.

"We all have to learn from it and find out where we went wrong, what we need to improve on and and come up with some great storylines."

"But you tend to get an instinct about when something should finish. And I certainly wouldn't want to drag it on and on.

I think such statements show that deep down, Glenister was unhappy with the way the series turned out. So was I - a few good episodes here and there but I was generally very underwhelmed indeed. The Gene Hunt character did sail very close to being a caricature at times - the stuff with machine guns and speedboats with Gene in sunglasses in the first episode being prime examples. And, if Glenister quits after S2, then surely it is all over.